Are you in a future « climate-no-go zone »? Results for rivers in Europe.

To celebrate the COP21 kick-off, let’s have a look at this map (see below) showing areas where more intense floods and droughts are expected to occur under a +2°C warming, compared to nowadays.


If you are located in a red area, well, sorry about that, but there is a high probability that global warming will change a lot the behavior of the river  you love to walk along (Seine river in my case!). Indeed, we expect in the red area:

  1. A significant increase of intense floods
  2. An increase in river drought magnitude
  3. An increase in river drougth duration
More information?

These results are based on many of the most up-to-date climate models and hydrological models. For more information, please read our article in Climatic Change

You want to see the impact of +2°C on other sectors such as tourism or agriculture? Go to the IMPACT2C web atlas.



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